Our Services

We are specialized in all type of Gas Pipeline Installation, Fire Fighting.....

  •             LP Gas Installation for Chemistry, Biology and Labs for Schools, Institutes
  •         Gas purification panel and related accessories Supply for GC,GC/MS,LC/MS,ICPOES,ICPMS,ICPES from Gas station to the instrument.
  •                SS Tubing job for Gas handling/Distribution system at site.
  •                  High purity Hydrogen,Nitrogen,Zero Air generator for GC,TOC,LC/MS and Turbo Evaporator for laboratories.
  •                  Ultrasonic bath (Sonicator)
  •                  Analytical Instrument’s(GC,HPLC,IR,FTIR,XRF and AAS Accessories).
  •                 PSA based Nitrogen and oxygen Gas Generation plant.
  •                 Compressed Air system.
  •                 All type of High & low pressure air/gas drying units.
  •                 Ammonia Cracking based Hydrogen Gas Generation Plant.
  •                 Erection of mechanical equipment, piping job & structural works on turnkey basis.
  •                 High and low Pressure(CNG/LPG) tubing job work at sites.
  •                 FRP Cooling Tower.
  •                Spares and services of above gas plants and machines.
  •                MS& SS Pressure Vessles as per National/International code
  •           Calibration services for Temperature controlled instruments in hospitals, clinics, centres.
  •           Calibration/ validation services for Clean Air instruments for Particle counting, Air Velocity etc
  •           Fire Fighting & Fire Detection System Installations for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Pharma Companies etc.