Foundry, Workshop & Mechanics Lab Equipments

Foundry Laboratory Instruments   

  • Aggregate impact testing machine         
  • Briquete mold 
  • CBR TEST            
  • Cement Autoclave iron
  • Compression testing machine 100 ton capacity 
  • Coning tool       
  • Consolidation app          
  • Cruising strength apparatus      
  • Deflection test apparatus           
  • Denisity Test Apparatus              
  • Density Core Cutter and Sand Replacement.     
  • Deval los angeles abrasion test
  • Deval's attrition testing machine with complete accessories.      
  • Direct shear machine with complete accessories             
  • Dorry’s abrasion testing machine with complete accessories.    
  • Ductility Test of Bitumen.           
  • Field density of soil apparatus  
  • Flash and Fire Point Tester for Bitumen.              
  • Flexural test apparatus
  • Hydrometer Analysis Unit          
  • Impact testing machine for izod and charpy test              
  • Liquid limit devices with all accessories.
  • Liquid Plastic Limit unit. los angeles abrasion test             
  • Marshal Stability Test on Bitumen          
  • Mould Hardness Testing Machine          
  • Pentration Test for Bitumen     
  • Permeability Meter      
  • Permeability Test for Constant and Variable Head.         
  • Pillani’s equipment       
  • Proctor compaction mould with all accessories 
  • Pycnometer     
  • Quick moisture Testing Machine             
  • Relative Density Test Apparatus              
  • sample extractor            
  • Sample Preparation Rammer    
  • Sand Compression Testing Machine      
  • Shrinkage Limit Set        
  • Shrinkage limit set         
  • Softening test Apparatus           
  • Specific Gravity And Water Absorption Test For Aggregate         
  • Specific Gravity Test for Bitumen            
  • Split mold          
  • Standard penetration app          
  • Triaxial compression test app   
  • Unconfined compression Test Apparatus           
  • Vane shear test app     
  • Vee Bee Consistometer              
  • Vicat Needle apparatus.             
  • Viscosity Test for Bitumen         
  • Weighing balance machine 10kg cap.    
  • Weighing balance machine Digital type 10kg cap.             
  • Item Name       
  • Abrasion Value Test      
  • Bitumen Extraction Test              
  • California Bearing Ratio Test      
  • Compaction Test            
  • Crushing Value Test      
  • Ductility Test    
  • Flash & Fire Point Test 
  • Gradation Test
  • Impact Value Test          
  • Marshal Stability Test   
  • Penetration Test            
  • Shape Test        
  • Softening Point Test 
  • Softening Point Test    

Workshop Technology

List of Experiments
1. To study different types of measuring tools used in metrology and determine least counts of vernier calipers, micrometers and vernier height gauges.
2. To study different types of machine tools ( lathe, shape or planer or slotter, milling, drilling machines)
3. To prepare a job on a lathe involving facing, outside turning, taper turning, step turning, radius making and parting-off.
4. To study different types of fitting tools and marking tools used in fitting practice.
5. To prepare lay out on a metal sheet by making and prepare rectangular tray, pipe shaped components e.g. funnel.
6. To prepare joints for welding suitable fo r butt welding and lap welding.
7. To perform pipe welding.
8. To study various types of carpentry tools and prepare simple types of at least two wooden joints.
9. To prepare simple engineering components/ shapes by forging.
10. To prepare mold and core assembly, to put metal in the mold and fettle the casting.
11. To prepare horizontal surface/ vertical surface/ curved surface/ slots or V-grooves on a shaper/ planner.
12. To prepare a job involving side and face milling on a milling machine.