Manufacturing Technology - I Lab

Manufacturing Technology-I Lab

List of Experiments:
1. Study and Practice of Orthogonal & Oblique Cutting on a Lathe.
2. Machining time calculation and comparison with actual machining time while cylindrical turning on a Lathe and finding out cutting efficiency.
3. Study of Tool Life while Milling a component on the Milling Machine.
4. Study of Tool Wear of a cutting tool while Drilling on a Drilling Machine.
5. Study of Speed, Feed, Tool, Preparatory (Geometric) and Miscellaneous functions for N. C part programming.

6. Part Programming and proving on a NC lathe for:-
a. Outside Turning
b. Facing and Step Turning
c. Taper Turning
d. Drilling
e. Outside Threading

7. Part Programming and Proving on a NC Milling Machine:-
a. Point to Point Programming
b. Absolute Programming
c. Incremental Programming

8. Part Programming and Proving for Milling a Rectangular Slot.