IC Engine & GAS Turbines Lab Equipments

I.C ENGINE & GAS Turbines Lab

List of Experiments:
1. To study the constructional details & working principles of two-stroke/ four stroke petrol engine.
2. To study the constructional detail & working of two-stroke/ four stroke diesel engine.
3. Analysis of exhaust gases from single cylinder/multi cylinder diesel/petrol engine by Orsat Apparatus.
4. To prepare heat balance sheet on multi-cylinder diesel engine/petrol engine.
5. To find the indicated horse power (IHP) on multi-cylinder petrol engine/diesel engine by Morse Test.
6. To prepare variable speed performance test of a multi-cylinder/single cylinder petrol engine/diesel engine and prepare the curves
    (i) bhp, ihp,fhp, vs speed ( ii) volumetric efficiency & indicated specific specific fuel consumption vs speed.
7. To find fhp of a multi-cylinder diesel engine/petrol engine by Willian’s line method & by motoring method.
8. To perform constant speed performance test on a single cylinder/multi-cylinder diesel engine & draw curves of (i) bhp vs fuel rate, air rate and A/F and
    (ii) bhp vs mep, mech efficiency & sfc.
9. To measure CO & Hydrocarbons in the exhaust of 2- stroke / 4-stroke petrol engine.
10. To find intensity of smoke from a single cylinder / multi-cylinder diesel engine.
11. To draw the scavenging characteristic curves of single cylinder petrol engine.
12. To study the effects of secondary air flow on bhp, sfc, Mech. Efficiency & emission of a two-stroke petrol engine.