Basic of Electronics Lab

Basic of Electronics Lab

List of Experiments
1. To get familiar with the working knowledge of the following instruments:
a) Cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO)
b) Multimeter (Analog and Digital)
c) Function generator
d) Power supply

a) To measure phase difference between two waveforms using CRO
b) To measure an unknown frequency from Lissajous figures using CRO

a) Plot the forward and reverse V-I characteristics of P-N junction diode
b) Calculation of cut-involtage
c) Study of Zener diode in breakdown region

4. To plot and study the input and output characteristics of BJT in common-emitter configuration
5. To find frequency response of a given amplifier and calculate its bandwidth
6. To get familiar with pin-configuration of typical op-amp(741) and its use as:
a) Inverting amplifier
b) Non-inverting amplifiler
c) Summing amplifier
d) Difference amplifier

7. Use of op-amp as
a) Integrator
b) Differentiator

8. To assemble Wein Bridge oscillator circuit and calculation of oscillation-frequency and its verification from the observed output
9. To assemble and test 5V/9 V DC regulated power supply and find its line-regulation and loand-regulation
10. Verification of truth tables of logic gates (OR,AND, NOT, NAND, NOR)
11. Verification of truth tables of flip-flops (S-R, J-K)
12. To get familiar with the working and use of seven-segment display.