Physics LAB 2

List of Experiments

1. To find the low/ unknown resistance by Carey - Foster's bridge.
2. To find the resistance of a galvanometer by Thomson’s constant deflection method using a post office box.
3. To find the value of high resistances by Substitution method.
4. To find the value of high resistances by Leakage method.
5. To study the characteristics of a solar cell and to find the fill factor.
6. To find the value of e/m for electrons by Helical method.
7. To find the ionization potential of Argon/Mercury using a thyratron tube.
8. To study the variation of magnetic field with distance and to find the radius of coil by Stewart and Gee's apparatus.
9. To study the characteristics of (Cu-Fe, Cu-Constantan) thermo couple.
10. To find the value of Planck's constant by using a photo electric cell.
11. To find the value of co-efficient of self-inductance by using a Rayleigh bridge.
12. To find the value of Hall Co-efficient of semi-conductor.
13. To study the V-I characteristics of a p-n diode.
14. To find the band gap of intrinsic semi-conductor using four probe method.
15. To calculate the hysteresis loss by tracing a B-H curve.
16. To determine the value of e/m of electron by J.J. Thomson method.
17. To study the charging and discharging of a capacitor and to find out the time constant.
18. To find the thermal conductivity of a poor conductor by Lee’s disk method.
19. To study the thermo emf using thermocouple and resistance using Pt. Resistance thermometer.
20. To determine the velocity of ultrasound waves using an ultrasonic spectrometer in a given liquid (Kerosene Oil)
21. To measure the frequency of a sine-wave voltage obtains from signal generator and to obtain lissajous pattern on the CRO screen by feeding two sine wave voltage from two signal generator.
22. To study Hall effect.