Applied Chemistry Lab Equipments

Engineering Chemistry Lab

List of Experiments

1. Determination of Ca++ and Mg++ hardness of water using EDTA solution.

2. Determination of alkalinity of water sample.

3. Determination of dissolved oxygen (DO) in the given water sample

4. To find the eutectic point for a two component system by using method of cooling curve.

5. Determination of viscosity of lubricant by Red Wood Viscosity (No. 1 & No. 2)

6. To determine flash point & fire point of an oil by Pensky Marten’s flash point apparatus.

7. To Prepare Phenol – formaldehyde and Urea formaldehyde resin.

8. To find out saponification No of Oil

9. To determine TDS of Water samples of different sources.

10. Determination of concentration of KMnO4 solution spectrophotometrically

11. Determination of strength of HCL solution by titrating against NaOH solution conductometrically.

12. To determine amount of sodium and potassium in a, given water sample by flame photometer.

13. Estimation of total iron in an iron alloy

14. Determine the percentage composition of sodium hydroxide in the given mixture of sodium hydroxide and sodium chloride.

15. Determine the amount of Oxalic acid and Sulphuric acid in one litre of solution, given standard sodium hydroxide and Potassium Permanganate.

16. Determine the amount of copper in the copper ore solution, provided hypo solution.

17. Argentometric titration one each by Vohlard’s method and by Mohr’s method.

18. Complexometric titrations.

19. Determine the heat of neutralization of strong acid with strong base.

20. Determine the surface tension of a liquid using drop weight method.

21. Determine viscosity of a given liquid (density to be determined)

22. Determine the reaction rate constant for the Ist order reaction.

23. Determine the cell constant of a conductivity cell and titration of strong  acid/strong base conductometrically.